17 Oct

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This site lists the 100 most supported youtube videos, anyone can add and support videos. You must have a Fidyo coin to support videos. Fidyo is a coin created on Waves Platform, you can buy and sell Fidyo as you like through Waves Platform. Only 7 million units have been produced, the number of Fidyo decreases and the value of the Fidyo coin increases as videos are supported.

When you sign up for Fidyo.com, you earn 1 free Fidyo coin, and you earn 1 Fidyo coin for each member you invite. You can use these coins to support videos, or you can sell them at any price on the Waves Platform. You can reach Waves Dex by clicking the logo below to create Waves wallet.

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15 Oct

Fidyo Coin will be listed in CoinMarketCap

Fidyo Coin will be listed in CoinMarketCap very soon. CoinMarketCap is a crypto currency market analysis and monitoring website based in Queens, New York, which currently provides data on more than 2000 crypto currencies. It is operated by Brandon Chez. Anyone interested in crypto currencies is constantly follow this website. We would like to share with you the happiness that we will be in coinmarketcap.com, the largest and stable crypto currency database.

14 Oct
video editing

What is video editing?

Video editing is the process of existing video images and using the necessary effects on them to create a new work. Editing is often considered part of the post-production process. We can use the verb in any of the following meanings:

  • Rearrange, add / remove portions of video clips or audio files
  • Color editing, filtering and other development operations
  • Transitions between clips

Objectives of Video Editing

There are many reasons for editing a video, and the approach to editing can be shaped according to the desired outcome. Before you begin, you should definitely define your editing goals, so you can follow these steps:

  • Removing an unwanted image
  • Choose the best image
  • Create a stream
  • Adding effects, graphics, music etc.
  • Change the style, speed or mood of a video
  • Give the video a certain perspective

With Fidyo you can publish and spread all your edited videos. Just use Fidyo Coin for this.

09 Oct

Get More Likes

Fidyo.com offers you the possibility to get more likes. With this platform, you can make your videos visible. You just need to log in to the site and become a member. When you sign up for Fidyo.com, you get 1 free Fidyo Coin, and you earn 1 Fidyo Coin for each member you invite. You can use these coins to support videos, or you can sell them at any price on the Waves Platform. You can contact Waves Dex to create a Waves wallet.

Fidyo.com and Fidyo Coin offer you the opportunity to promote your videos and channel.

09 Oct

Use Fidyo.com

Fidyo.com is a platform that lists the 100 most supported youtube videos. Anyone can add and support videos on this site. To support videos, you need to have a Fidyo Coin. Fidyo is a coin created on the Waves Platform. It is possible to buy and sell Fidyo as you wish through Waves Platform. Only 7 million units were produced from Fidyo Coin. As the videos added to the site are supported, the number of Fidyo decreases and the value of Fidyo Coin increases.

If you want to get more likes to your videos, buy Fidyo Coin. Thanks to Fidyo Coin:

  • Your videos are more watched.
  • You reach a wider audience.
  • It becomes possible to make money from your videos.
  • You can advertise for free.
20 Sep

How to Create a Business Channel

A person can be controlled remotely from a Brand with a name different from a personal Google account, and other YouTube members may be granted access and management of the channel. How to open a new channel?

  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Opens the YouTube channel changer page.
  • Click Create new channel to open a new job channel.
  • Enter the Brand Account name and create the date.

How to See Channels

The channel is personalized to a friend on YouTube. To visit this personal personal channel you want any other videos you like and their favorites by choosing their videos and members as favorites.

YouTube, make a place to browse YouTube channels, where you can choose to check and select popular channels and subscribe to them. When you visit YouTube for easy redirection to your favorite channels, your subscriptions are listed.

Use Fidyo Coin

To make your business channels more watched on Fidyo Coin. Fidyo.com was established as a platform that allows your Youtube videos to rise to the top. It is possible to support your videos by purchasing or winning Fidyo Coins from this platform. In this way, you can increase the number of video views and become more recognized.

20 Sep

What is the Youtube channel?

A personal YouTube channel is open to all who join YouTube. After entering and confirming user information, it shows the channel account name, a personal identification, public videos uploaded by the member, and all user information the member has entered. If you’re a YouTube member, you can customize the background and color scheme of your personal channel and control some of the information displayed on it. Businesses can also have channels. These channels are different from personal channels because they can have more than one owner or manager. A YouTube member can open a new business channel using a Brand Account.

How to Create a Personal YouTube Channel

Anyone can view YouTube without an account. However, if you plan to upload videos, add comments, or create a playlist, you’ll need to create a YouTube channel. This is a free service. To do this:

  • Sign in to YouTube with your Google account.
  • If you don’t have a channel yet, create a channel.
  • Review the information displayed, including your account name and picture, and confirm that the information is correct to create your channel.
  • Upload videos, comment, create playlists.

YouTube accounts use the same login information as Google accounts; this means that it’s even easier to create a YouTube channel if you already have a Google account. If you want to make your videos visible after creating a Youtube channel, visit our website www.fidyo.com and upload videos. Then support your video, using Fidyo Coin.

11 Sep

Video Statistics

If you’re new to the video or want to make sure you’re on the right track, you’ll love this article. In the following articles, we will discuss advanced clues, techniques, strategies and case studies. But for now, let’s talk about some basic video statistics.

Video is really one of the biggest things in the marketing world. 82 percent of Internet traffic will be full of videos by 2022. According to Alexa data, YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, is the 2nd most popular website in the world. And people don’t just visit YouTube. They spend a lot of time there. In fact, people watch 1 billion hours of YouTube video every day. This is even more than data Netflix and Facebook video viewing rates. The average user spends 40 minutes a day watching YouTube on mobile devices only. As you go deeper, you’ll also notice that online video categories aren’t just about cute cat videos. In fact, consumers are using video to help them decide what to buy and what to buy. 72 percent of consumers, instead of reading a product description, prefer to watch a video about a product. Half of the Internet users are looking for a video before visiting a store. And 90 percent of consumers also say that they help make their purchase decisions.

Therefore, it is very important to shoot video. For example, if you shoot a product introduction video and reach your audience, you can achieve serious success.

09 Sep

How to shoot professional video?

Nowadays it is a popular topic for Youtube to open channels and shoot videos. However, unfortunately there are few people who are successful because of carelessness. Therefore you need to do a good research to shoot videos in a professional format.

So how can we shoot a professional video?

  • First of all you need a tripod.
  • Then got to check what’s going on in the background.
  • Microphone settings should be done properly.
  • You should check light settings.
  • You should definitely choose proper clothes when shooting videos.
  • Pay attention to your diction.
  • Tell me what you want to say before you scam.
  • Prepare quality content for your audience.
  • Ask a professional for installation.

After preparing your videos, you can share them on www.fidyo.com and have them reach more people. It is also possible to support your videos via Fidyo Coin and get to the top.

05 Sep

What is Fidyo? What does it do?

Fidyo is a platform that keeps pace with the technological developments of our time. It is a platform that gives you the opportunity to make your videos visible. Fidyo.com lists 100 of the most supported Youtube videos and allows you to rate them. In this way, supported videos increase in ranking and become visible. This is one of the key factors that ensure the success of the video owner.

What is Fidyo Coin used for?

Fidyo Coin is a revolutionary video service. Fidyo Coin’s goal is to maximize videos. This allows people to be recognized. With this system, each user’s video reaches a larger audience.

With Fidyo, you can:

  • Watch the videos you want
  • Support any video
  • Add video to site
  • Share your videos on social media, send them to your friends