17 Oct

Don’t miss the opportunity

This site lists the 100 most supported youtube videos, anyone can add and support videos. You must have a Fidyo coin to support videos. Fidyo is a coin created on Waves Platform, you can buy and sell Fidyo as you like through Waves Platform. Only 7 million units have been produced, the number of Fidyo decreases and the value of the Fidyo coin increases as videos are supported.

When you sign up for Fidyo.com, you earn 1 free Fidyo coin, and you earn 1 Fidyo coin for each member you invite. You can use these coins to support videos, or you can sell them at any price on the Waves Platform. You can reach Waves Dex by clicking the logo below to create Waves wallet.

Fidyo Coin will soon be listed on CoinMarketCap. Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in this functional coin.

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