28 Jul
use fidyo coin

Use Fidyo Coin!

Use Fidyo Coin for your videos!

The number of YouTube video views indicates how many times a video has been viewed and can be a significant metric reflecting the overall popularity of the video. Youtube wants to make sure that videos are watched by real people, not computer programs. In the first few hours after a video is released, Youtube only show the number of views their systems have considered valid. It may not be shown here that actual monitoring in accordance with the rules at the relevant time.

The number of views will be updated more often after eligible qualifications are counted. The process of including all eligible watches may take some time, depending on the popularity of a video and its rate of view. Then, the number of views is updated more often. However, keep in mind that Youtube consistently verified the views, so the number of views can always be edited.

If you want to increase the number of views of Youtube videos use Fidyo Coin. With Fidyo you can support your videos.

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