09 Oct

Use Fidyo.com

Fidyo.com is a platform that lists the 100 most supported youtube videos. Anyone can add and support videos on this site. To support videos, you need to have a Fidyo Coin. Fidyo is a coin created on the Waves Platform. It is possible to buy and sell Fidyo as you wish through Waves Platform. Only 7 million units were produced from Fidyo Coin. As the videos added to the site are supported, the number of Fidyo decreases and the value of Fidyo Coin increases.

If you want to get more likes to your videos, buy Fidyo Coin. Thanks to Fidyo Coin:

  • Your videos are more watched.
  • You reach a wider audience.
  • It becomes possible to make money from your videos.
  • You can advertise for free.

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