04 Sep

Video Preparation Guide

The videos that you tell your story and you want to convey to people by specifying the purpose and the goal are very important. Especially if you want to make money and fame with videos, you have to create quality videos. Therefore, a quality video you create will bring you closer to success.

How to prepare a successful video?

Choose Your Camera: We seem to hear you ask yourself (or those next to you) what to shoot with the video. If you have access to or hire a camera, we recommend that you proceed. No other option is as good as a good camera.

Tell Your Story: Tell your story in the first place without going into too much detail. Use the first seconds for an effective entry so people can keep watching the video and listen to the message you want to give.

Interact: Once you’ve posted the video, start introducing yourself and your team. Answer the questions people ask. Never interrupt them.

Use Your Creativity: Whatever you do, definitely stay away from creativity!

Use Fidyo Coin for Video

Fidyo Coin is a crypto currency that allows you to support your videos via www.fidyo.com. You can use this unit to support video, or you can monetize it in the future.

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