11 Sep

Video Statistics

If you’re new to the video or want to make sure you’re on the right track, you’ll love this article. In the following articles, we will discuss advanced clues, techniques, strategies and case studies. But for now, let’s talk about some basic video statistics.

Video is really one of the biggest things in the marketing world. 82 percent of Internet traffic will be full of videos by 2022. According to Alexa data, YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, is the 2nd most popular website in the world. And people don’t just visit YouTube. They spend a lot of time there. In fact, people watch 1 billion hours of YouTube video every day. This is even more than data Netflix and Facebook video viewing rates. The average user spends 40 minutes a day watching YouTube on mobile devices only. As you go deeper, you’ll also notice that online video categories aren’t just about cute cat videos. In fact, consumers are using video to help them decide what to buy and what to buy. 72 percent of consumers, instead of reading a product description, prefer to watch a video about a product. Half of the Internet users are looking for a video before visiting a store. And 90 percent of consumers also say that they help make their purchase decisions.

Therefore, it is very important to shoot video. For example, if you shoot a product introduction video and reach your audience, you can achieve serious success.

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