31 Jul

What is Coin?

The concept of coin, which entered our lives at once, has become one of the most important sources of income for many people. This is a concept that makes money through both direct buying and selling and indirect works. Especially with the development of technology, we have always started to do digital works. So what is coin? Coin means digital money. This trend, which first emerged with Bitcoin, together with various subcoins, formed a large crypto currency exchange. In some places it is even possible to get pizza with these currencies.
We also offer you the possibility to make your videos visible by using coins. With the Fidyo Coin that we launch, you can enter www.fidyo.com and add videos. You can support these videos by using Fidyo Coin and take them to the top. This increases your video viewing rates. And if you want to make money with video, you’re taking a good step.

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