20 Sep

What is the Youtube channel?

A personal YouTube channel is open to all who join YouTube. After entering and confirming user information, it shows the channel account name, a personal identification, public videos uploaded by the member, and all user information the member has entered. If you’re a YouTube member, you can customize the background and color scheme of your personal channel and control some of the information displayed on it. Businesses can also have channels. These channels are different from personal channels because they can have more than one owner or manager. A YouTube member can open a new business channel using a Brand Account.

How to Create a Personal YouTube Channel

Anyone can view YouTube without an account. However, if you plan to upload videos, add comments, or create a playlist, you’ll need to create a YouTube channel. This is a free service. To do this:

  • Sign in to YouTube with your Google account.
  • If you don’t have a channel yet, create a channel.
  • Review the information displayed, including your account name and picture, and confirm that the information is correct to create your channel.
  • Upload videos, comment, create playlists.

YouTube accounts use the same login information as Google accounts; this means that it’s even easier to create a YouTube channel if you already have a Google account. If you want to make your videos visible after creating a Youtube channel, visit our website www.fidyo.com and upload videos. Then support your video, using Fidyo Coin.

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