03 Sep

Why are Video Contents Important?

Today, especially in the field of marketing video content is often used. Why is video so important?

Let’s take a look at the results of the relevant research:

  • The number of videos uploaded to the Internet within a month is more than the video content produced by televisions in 30 years.
  • Every day, 500 million Facebook users watch videos on Facebook.
  • 82 percent of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter.
  • The total number of Snapchat users per day is 10 billion.
  • Youtube remains the second largest search engine after Google.
  • 75 percent of company executives watch business-related videos at least once a week.
  • If 59 percent of top executives have a video on the same page, they would rather watch it instead of reading the article.
  • 54 percent of top executives share business-related videos with their colleagues on a weekly basis.
  • 81 percent of brands, videos about themselves using their web site.
  • 93 percent of marketers use videos for digital marketing, sales and communications.
  • Videos increase the clickthrough rate of emails by 65 percent.


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